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Heating Systems

If you are having a new boiler, water tank, or immersion heater fitted, you may require the services of a qualified electrician to install any neccessary electrical supplies. The same is true if you are simply having your existing heating systems upgraded/maintained.

As technology develops, more and more complex systems are coming on to the market such as ground or air sourced heat pumps. We are more than capable of providing all the cabling that will be required to operate these systems so that they work correctly, and efficiently.

With the mounting energy costs that face us all, it is important that you as a home/business owner are able to properly control your heating systems. This should not be limited to times that you are actually at the property/place of work. With a new Nest Thermostat system, you will be able to control how your heating/hot water works whether you are home or away.

Providing you with the ability to set up scheduling via a web based interface, or simply turning the heating/hot water on or off while you are out, Nest could be an option for you.


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